Locked Potential

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of students with dyslexia fail to graduate from high school.

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of youth in the juvenile detention system have dyslexia.

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of adolescents in drug and alcohol rehabilitation have dyslexia.


Unlocked Potential

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of entrepreneurs have dyslexia.

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of self-made millionaires have dyslexia.

Five out of 10 Nasa Astronauts


of all NASA employees have dyslexia.


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A nonprofit organization enabling dyslexic students to cultivate their strengths and providing tools to the adults who support them.


Our Services

NoticeAbility provides professional development and capacity building to individuals who work with the dyslexic population. After completing our training, certified instructors are provided access to NoticeAbility’s curricula which focus on professional subject matters catering to the neurological strengths of the dyslexic mind.

entrepreneurship, engineering, architecture and narrative storytelling (film, literature and stage)

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Our Curricula

NoticeAbility designs experiential, project-based courses grounded in social-emotional methodology and executive function research. Delivered through blended instruction (e-learning supported by a certified facilitator), NoticeAbility enables middle school students to access academic content through multiple modalities (video instruction, graphics, illustrated aids, audio presentations and text).




Blended delivery encourages student development along two essential dimensions:

-Interpersonal collaboration and team-building exercises foster social-emotional proficiency and, thus, the ability to make good decisions, manage emotions, self-advocate and build successful relationships.

-NoticeAbility’s incorporation of executive functioning methodology enables its students to build upon their neurologically based skills, prioritize scholastic demands, and, in general, increase their chance of academic success.





NoticeAbility is advancing a new methodology to educate middle school students with dyslexia by offering professional training and capacity building to teachers, parents and instructors who work with this population. NoticeAbility provides access to its curricula to professionals in schools, afterschool organizations and juvenile detention facilities as a practical tool to support its training methodology.

A map showing where Noticeability will be used: Homeschooling, Private Schools, Juvenile Detention Facilities, Public Schools, Youth Serving Nonprofit Organizations



Dean Bragonier 

Dean Bragonier is the Founder and Executive Dyslexic of NoticeAbility. Shaped by the challenges associated with his dyslexia, Dean became a diligent and successful college student after struggling through the traditional secondary education system. It wasn’t until he enrolled at Bates College that he developed a true love of learning, fostered in large part by the institution’s unique approach to education and its support of students with learning differences. Upon graduation from Bates, Dean embraced his entrepreneurial instincts and acquired a small seasonal restaurant on Martha’s Vineyard Island that he transformed into a successful full-scale enterprise (see Boston Magazine, July 2001).  It was through this endeavor that he was able to contextualize his years of laborious academic learning and discover the true gifts of his dyslexic mind. As a social entrepreneur, Dean has founded his own nonprofit organizations and served as board member and advisor to a number of others.  NoticeAbility is the culmination of Dean’s passion for education and his conviction that the advantages of dyslexia far outweigh its associated challenges.

Massachusetts Special Education Advisory Council, Council Member, Current
Power Launch Social Impact Fellow, 2016
SPREAD the WORD, Council Member, Current



Board Members

Bernard Chiu, Founder & Chairman, Upland Capital Corporation

Brad Marchand, Left Wing, Boston Bruins

Wendy Missouri EdM, MS CCC-SLP, Needham Language & Reading Clinic

James L. Ferraro, Chairman, The Ferraro Law Firm

Sarah Selden, Athena Health

Benton B. Bodamer, Counsel, Goodwin Procter LLP

Advisory Board

Gabrielle Rapport-Schlichtmann, Ed.D.; Executive Director & Chief Scientist, EdTogether Inc; Adjunct Lecturer, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Dr. Kriner Cash, Superintendent, Buffalo Public Schools

Dr. Brock Eide, Author and Co-Founder, The Dyslexic Advantage

Peter Marton, Lecturer, Strategy & Innovation, BU School of Business

David Flink, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Eye to Eye

Chris Malloy, Professor of Financial Management, Harvard Business School



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Please join us on the journey to unlock the dyslexic potential!