Empowering Community

The National Center for Learning Differences (NCLD) shows that parental involvement is a crucial factor in building a dyslexic student’s self-confidence (Student Voices: A Study of Young Adults With Learning and Attention Issues: Executive Summary, National Center for Learning Differences, 2015). Those young adults who report having had supportive home lives credit their parents with understanding their children’s learning and attention issues, helping them address those issues and, most important, believing in their children’s potential for success. NoticeAbility team members support this effort by offering keynotes, parent seminars, and teacher trainings that highlight the strength-based paradigm of dyslexia.

"I want to personally thank you for coming to our school and taking time to talk to our staff. People were saying you were the best one we’ve ever had and it’s due to your credibility and your kind and sincere words about our school! Thank you for creating NoticeAbility and the work you are doing!"
Jennifer, private school assistant head
"My daughter is now understanding that she can be an advocate, and I think NoticeAbility has helped her do that, that she’s met a whole bunch of other kids who are all advocates for themselves too, and she really needs to see that."
Elizabeth, mom
"What makes NoticeAbility’s curriculum uniquely effective is Dean’s ability to identify with kids. He inspires confidence and helps them realize their own strengths.”
Jean, educator
"Dean was outstanding. We are so thrilled he came and spoke at our luncheon. He so clearly articulated our school's vision and purpose. It was a very successful event and we are deeply thankful for his presence!"
Emily, private school board member
"Thank you for facilitating such important conversations with our RIVET families, so that they felt empowered to help change the way that our schools view dyslexia!"
Rachel, mom and parent group founder
"NoticeAbility offers positive insight into the incredible creative talent within those with dyslexia. I love it!"
Bonnie, school administrator
"NoticeAbility is a great organization that inspires kids to embrace their challenges and gifts."
Josh, program participant
"Anyone who has had success, accomplished anything, there are always people who helped them along the way, who gave a vote of confidence. I would not be where I am today, if it wasn't for the numerous people who have helped me. NoticeAbility is giving that back to people all over the world."
Brad, professional sports player
“Dean is a charismatic and passionate leader. He is succeeding in his mission to change the lives of our dyslexic community and I have been proud to help support his efforts.”
Paul, First Republic Bank
"I have gotten an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from your speaking event for our company. So many of our staff wished we could have had longer for the talk, and specifically addressed your openness and willingness to answer questions as a HUGE highlight! 😊 Thanks again!!"
Kelly, corporate diversity in the workforce committee member
“The Boston Bruins Foundation is happy to support NoticeAbility and all the great work that the organization does for children in the community. We’re happy to assist Brad Marchand in his philanthropic efforts during the season for each Bruin win and look forward to our continued partnership.”
Bob, The Bruins Foundation