What does NoticeAbility offer parents?

We love to hear from parents of young people with dyslexia. We know as parents that finding the right resources is frustrating: it takes lots of time, there are lots of mixed messages and confusion out there, there’s not one single source of validated information about what works and how to get the help you and your family needs. We are working to find ways to help in that regard, but in the meantime, here’s one message to one mom who reached out to us that you might find useful! Please reach out to us via the contact us form below with your question, resource, or story!

Message to NoticeAbility: Hi! I am the parent of an amazing dyslexic daughter (age 9). I recently came across your site after seeing the TED talk given by Dean Bragonier. Your message really resonates with me, and I would love to give my daughter more opportunity to use her strengths (arts, storytelling, design, invention).
Is there anything you offer parents so they can support their children? (It looks like you mainly target educators, but I just wanted to check and make sure this is correct).
-Mom of an amazing dyslexic daughter



Hi Mom of an amazing dyslexic daughter! Thank you so much for reaching out!

Yes, we want to support parents, not only teachers. We designed our courses so that parents can offer NoticeAbility courses to their children and other young people with dyslexia in a homeschool setting. The content for our courses is provided online, so the teacher need not be an expert in Entrepreneurship or Arts. In fact, anticipating that parents would fill that role, we provide full lesson plans and scripts to help any adult lead the project-based learning for a group of 3 or more dyslexic students over the 20 hours of classroom time. So, with the parent as the teacher, that works to empower young people in the ways we're looking to. You can read more stories about how the courses are used on our blog (here).

We find that parents always need to educate their child's teachers about dyslexia, and some of the best resources in a package targeting teacher awareness is right here. Parents reaching out to other parents in your local area, with experience in the same schools is also helpful. If there's not a parent support group right in your area, the state-by-state parent advocacy network Decoding Dyslexia is all about making change to the playing field (not only one family at a time), and www.understood.org has some of the best content that speaks to the questions and concerns that parents have.

We've seen lots of programs that use 'strengths' language but that don't quite deliver on the promise. When seeking out empowerment courses that have real impact, we recommend asking lots of questions about track record, history, teacher (and former customer) testimonials, and curriculum design principles. NoticeAbility's social and emotional learning courses are based on the principles and best practices captured in the competency model of CASEL and the developmental model of PEAR - both leaders in the field. It's very challenging for any program to prove their impact with the highest level of research validity, but NoticeAbility is working to secure independent longitudinal data on the impact of its students and changes in their reported social and emotional learning outcomes versus their comparable peers who didn't take a NoticeAbility course.

We hope that helps see how NoticeAbility might fit as you create the conditions to help your daughter unlock her potential! Look forward to hearing from you.