Reaching the 1 in 5 students with learning differences: West Coast edition

Dean traveled to San Francisco in early May to present to the students and families participating in the EdRev event. This is a premier conference hosted each year by the Children’s Health Council which brings together advocates, researchers, and educators to connect and share their expertise on behalf of the students who have dyslexia, ADHD, anxiety, or other learning differences.

Dean was the featured kickoff speaker for the pre-conference youth forum EdRevUp! where he shared about the unique challenges that school presents. “It’s so difficult, right? You’ve been told you have lots of talent, but then you are pulled out to go to reading remediation. I don’t know what to believe! Am I broken or am I capable? The more you see evidence of what you are good at, the more you can face the challenges in other areas. That’s the process.”

Then the Charles Armstrong school pioneer class of 7th grade students taking NoticeAbility’s Entrepreneurs & Innovators course journeyed into the big city and pitched their ideas in person to Dean, head of school Jessica Miller, and director of Research and Education Karen Kruger over lunch. Wow! These kids are on target, and we applaud their entreprenurial spirit.

The next day Dean gave a featured presentation to parents and educators about his journey as a social entrepreneur and NoticeAbility’s genesis and impact. People left sharing our sense that it's not enough to learn to read, but that students also deserve to emerge from school with a positive sense of self-image and have their strengths identified and stimulated. We left our heart (and lots of new friends!) in San Francisco. See you again soon!

See Dean, former NFL quarterback Steve Young, and other ambassadors advocating for the 1-in-5 with this video: