In just over 1 month, a team of proud students with dyslexia will take to the waters of Martha’s Vineyard to participate in the 2016 Bicoastal Aquathon. We would like to introduce you to these amazing individuals.Aquathon Team Member; Ben, Age 12 What is your dyslexic superpower? "I am really good at baking and creating things. The reason why I am good at baking is because my dad is a chef and we bake together all of the time. I love to bake the recipes out of my Grandmother’s cookbook that she made for me." What advice would you have for someone your age with dyslexia?" My advice to someone my age with dyslexia is to be happy, always work hard, and be strong because hard work pays off in the end. Remember to follow your passion, keep on smiling because it gets better." What do we need to change about school to make it more interesting/better for dyslexic students? "The first thing that we need to change about school is no homework or online IXL math programs in the lower and middle school grades because studies have shown that you do not need homework until the high school years. I work hard all day and sometimes I just need a break to be a kid and participate in fun activities after school instead of focusing on homework. I would also like to educate teachers about how I learn, so that they understand that I am always working hard all of the time." TO DONATE BY CHECK Please make checks payable to 'New Profit Inc”  In memo line PLEASE mention 'NoticeAbility Inc' New Profit Inc  Attn: P. Dao / NoticeAbility 200 Clarendon Street, Floor 44 Boston, MA, 02116 NoticeAbility is a nonprofit organization that designs and delivers proprietary curricula to students with dyslexia. Grounded in social-emotional learning research, executive function methodology and project management techniques, NoticeAbility offers authentic inquiry experiences in vocational subjects that cater to the neurological strengths of the dyslexic mind: entrepreneurship, engineering, architecture and narrative storytelling (film, literature and stage). Your donation helps NoticeAbility create curriculum for and by dyslexics.