Cape Cod Chip - Swimmer for the 2016 Bicoastal Aquathon

In just over 1 month, a team of proud students with dyslexia will take to the waters of Martha's Vineyard to participate in the 2016 Bicoastal Aquathon. We would like to introduce you to these amazing individuals. Aquathon Team Member Cape Cod Chip, Age 11. Can you describe the most challenging moment you have had with your dyslexia? "I think it is the most challenging when I am asked to read out loud. I get nervous when people are watching. I worried that if I mess up, someone will laugh at me." What did you learn from it? "I learned that I try, I can pretty much do anything. I learned I’m good at making friendships. I’m good at sports and math but not reading out loud." How has that moment lead you to become the powerful dyslexic that you are today? "I realized that everyone has challenges and strengths." What advice would you have for someone your age with dyslexia? "You have to focus and try and be the best person you can be." If you could tell everyone in the world one thing about dyslexia, what would it be? "Beautiful. It is a gift. I didn’t understand that at first but now I do." What is your dyslexic superpower? "Being able to make friends walking over to someone." What is the thing about you that you wish everyone knew? "I’ve made it through brain surgery so now I think I can make it through anything. It was last summer. It changed my life positively."

TO DONATE BY CHECK Please make checks payable to 'New Profit Inc”  In memo line PLEASE mention 'NoticeAbility Inc' New Profit Inc  Attn: P. Dao / NoticeAbility200 Clarendon Street, Floor 44 Boston, MA, 02116 1 team, 2 oceans, 26 miles, and you!  During the summer of 2015, NoticeAbility’s Founder, Dean Bragonier, was the first person to successfully swim around Martha’s Vineyard Island. This year NoticeAbility is upping the ante. On Sunday, August 7th, NoticeAbility’s Bicoastal Relay Team will complete a 26.2 miles, open-ocean swim, passing the baton between the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans.NoticeAbility’s team will be anchored by Kerry Yonushonis who will attempt a solo 20-mile swim from Catalina Island to Long Beach, CA. At the same time, Dean will lead a team of dyslexic students in a 6.2-mile relay swim along the coast of Martha’s Vineyard. Together the Pacific and Atlantic contingents will complete the world’s first Bicoastal Aquathon.