Dyslexic Student Empowerment: Legislator Engagement

Dyslexic Student Empowerment: Legislator Engagement

“Dean, I wanted you to see the profound reach you’ve had with your message of the Dyslexia MIND Strengths. A young boy in Ontario sent a letter to the Ontario Minister of Education prior to his meeting with her last month. NoticeAbility’s message of empowerment helped him to engage in some fantastic school-focused advocacy, and then he was encouraged to pursue conversations at the provincial level. You are giving others the voice to make change! Thank you!!”

Dyslexia is My Superpower

By Marcus S.

 Grade three was the worst year of my life. I couldn't read and everyone else could. I knew kindergarten kids who could read easily, and I couldn't do it at all. I felt like a complete and total idiot, sometimes I wished I would just die so I could stop feeling so stupid. The worst part was that the other kids noticed I couldn’t read. Sometimes they would pick on me and call me dumb or say I would grow up to be a loser.

I remember the teacher handing out tons of worksheets…

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