Community Swim the Final Leg of Dean's Journey on Sunday, August 16th!

The final leg of Dean's journey will be this Sunday, August 16th! He hopes that you will join him in finishing this momentous swim and "Take the Plunge for Dyslexia"If you are interested in participating please refer to the staggered starts and locations below and this map:…PLEASE NOTE: All swimmers are participating on a voluntary basis, meaning they assume all risk and acknowledge that their personal safety is their own responsibility. All swimmers are strongly encouraged to swim within 20 feet of shore. State Beach is quite shallow and this will allow swimmers to stay in safe proximity to the shore line. By participating, all swimmers release NoticeAbility from any liability that could result from participation.

Finish line:

"Little Bridge" on State Beach (this is located on the Oak Bluffs side of the beach near the 'Island Spirit Kayak Rental), close to Farm Neck Golf Course

Starting Points and Times

Competitive Swimmers

Start Time: 10:30 sharpStart: 'Bend in the road' on the Edgartown side of State Beach. The start will be in front of the large, white lifeguard stand.Distance: approximately 2 miles

Confident Recreational Swimmers

Start Time: 11:00am sharpStart: The jetty on the Oak Bluffs side of Big Bridge (aka "Jumping Bridge" or "Jaws Bridge")Distance: approximately 1.25 miles

Eager Swim Participants

Start Time: Approximately 11:25amStart: At a point of your choosing south of the "Little Bridge" finish line. Participants can wade, paddle, swim or float across the finish with the swimmers from the other two groups.Distance: Completely up to you!