Dyslexic Advantage: Dyslexia and Strengths, Interview with Dean Bragonier of Notice Ability


Notice Ability is the brain child of Executive Dyslexic Dean Bragonier, a serial entrepreneur and most recently non-profit leader who has launched his own non-profit to foster strength-based afterschool programs for dyslexic students.

Dean will begin his 50 mile “Round the Island Swim” July 11th in order to fundraise for Notice Ability.

Brock and I first heard from Dean after he read our book Dyslexic Advantage. Dean asked a great question – why is it that students don’t discover their talents earlier in life than they do? The idea of Notice Ability (say it fast and you’ll discover its double meaning) was born.

It’s exciting for us to hear about other non-profit organizations developing strength-based programs to help kids – touched that it began with Dyslexic Advantage! Dyslexia, talent and innovation is a definitely a family affair in the Bragonier family. His wife is the beautiful and amazing multi-talented singer song-writer Sally Taylor.

- Dyslexic Advantage (July 5, 2015) See more at: http://blog.dyslexicadvantage.org/2015/07/05/dyslexia-and-strengths-interview-with-dean-bragonier-notice-ability/