Hollywood on the Potomac: Making a Difference

Dean and Sally with studentsMaking a difference….[ut_icon icon="fa-quote-left" size="fa-2x" align="alignleft" color="#000000"]“She looked at me and said congratulations and welcome to the family because everybody in my family was dyslexic and I went to feeling completely isolated to feeling completely embraced and held and connected. That was really the beginning of my life in the arts,” Sally Taylor told Hollywood on the Potomac at the 31st Anniversary Gala of the Lab School of Washington honoring outstanding Adults with Learning Differences. The singer-songwriter is the daughter of James Taylor and Carly Simon.This year the awards were presented to Justin Theroux, Actor, Screenwriter and Director, currently starring in “The Leftovers” on HBO; Sally Taylor, Musician and Artist, Founder of CONSENSES; Dean Bragonier, former Martha’s Vineyard restaurateur and founder of NoticeAbility.org; and Louis “Bo” Polk, business executive and venture capitalist.“On the one hand, it explained a lot,” Justin Theroux told us regarding the first time he realized he had a learning difference,”because I wasn’t doing well in school. On the one hand it was slightly depressing and then again, it was slightly liberating, I guess, when you realize at least ‘I’m not crazy and there’s not anything necessarily wrong with me.'”Earlier in the day, the honorees spent the day visiting The Lab School and engaging with the students via a Q and A assembly where they had the opportunity to hear personally how these successful people struggled with many of the issues that they themselves face.111215_Labschool_Gala_0180According to the mission statement, “The Gala raises awareness about learning differences and recognizes people who have overcome their own learning differences and gone on to achieve great heights in their careers and lives. Over the years, The Lab School has honored more than 120 outstanding achievers with learning differences. All of these talented individuals have inspired not only students, parents, and educators — but also, the larger Washington community and its civic and business leaders. The Lab School’s primary fundraising event, the annual Gala. also lauds the accomplishments of our students and the teachers who help them flourish into their best selves.”-Janet Donovan (10.17.2015). Photo credit: Geoff Chesman See more at:https://hollywoodonthepotomac.com/?p=67162