Mother of dyslexic son attempts 20-mile open-ocean swim to raise money for NoticeAbility

There are people who enjoy the water. There are people who like to swim. And then there are people like Kerry. Kerry Yonushonis is training to tackle the second biggest challenge of her life; The Ocean’s Seven Challenge, a series of grueling open water marathon swims averaging 20 miles each. As daunting as this challenge may be, Kerry insists that her greatest test was surviving school as an undiagnosed dyslexic. “School involved tumultuous years of academics mingled with self deprecation.” Kerry explains, “I used my strengths to persevere and went on to complete two Masters Degrees. It wasn’t until years later, when my 9-year-old son was diagnosed, that I was able to fully understand my connection to the multifaceted world of dyslexia and the unique traits that it encompasses.”

Kerry chose to swim the Ocean’s Seven Challenge in honor of NoticeAbility after meeting Dean last summer. “I reached out to Dean after he completed his circumnavigation swim of Martha’s Vineyard. I liked his message and decided to carry the torch this summer. Simply put, the world needs to see the potential that exists in each of us and I’m happy to lend my efforts.” Kerry is scheduled to swim the Catalina Channel this August. After “warming up” with a successful swim across the Strait of Gibraltar in 2015, Kerry has undergone a brutal training regime in preparation of her Pacific challenge. “Swimming helped me throughout my school years by building determination. It gave me the grit I needed to succeed in life. Nothing motivates me more than being a power of example. Do I look forward to swimming 7 out of 20 hours in total darkness during this race? Do I look forward to the cold? Not really. But to show my son that he can tackle any challenge in life, including dyslexia, is worth my effort.”

Yonushonis’ Catalina Channel swim is scheduled for August 6-7th, 2016. Interested media, supporters and volunteers should contact Dean Bragonier at or visit where Yonushonis’ training and swim will be broadcast.