Vineyard Gazette: Dean Bragonier Completes Last Leg of Around the Island Swim

[gallery link="file" ut_gallery_lightbox="on" ut_image_border_radius="" ids="3348,3345,3347,3343,3342,3346,3349"]Dean Bragonier Completes Last Leg of Around the Island Swim

[ut_icon icon="fa-quote-left" size="fa-2x" align="alignleft" color="#000000"]Mission accompished. Dean Bragonier set out July 11 for a swim around Martha's Vineyard to raise awareness about dyslexia. Twenty-seven swimming legs and 50 nautical miles later, Mr. Bragonier completed the circumnavigation Sunday at State Beach. The Round-the-Island swim raised more than $150,000 for NoticeAbility, Mr. Bragonier's non-profit that creates dyslexic-friendy learning tools for middle school-aged children. In keeping with the spirit of the swim, in which Mr. Bragonier was accompanied and cheered on by members of the community, well-wishers were on hand Sunday to celebrate the end of the swim — and even join Mr. Bragonier in the water.

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