In just over 1 month, a team of proud students with dyslexia will take to the waters of Martha’s Vineyard to participate in the 2016 Bicoastal Aquathon. We would like to introduce you to these amazing individuals. Aquathon Team Member; Will, Age 13 Can you describe the most challenging moment you have had with your dyslexia? "Once people realize I had dyslexia they started to make jokes and "mocked me" in class and when I spelled words wrong on Instagram." What did you learn from it? "At the time, I felt awful.  I learned that you always have to overcome and ask questions in class and keep on trying, even when others are being rude." How has that moment lead you to become the powerful dyslexic that you are today?  "It made me to keep trying harder and harder." What advice would you have for someone your age with dyslexia? "That you just have to live your life and find your strengths." If you could tell everyone in the world one thing about dyslexia, what would it be? "That we have plenty of positives in our way of learning." What is your dyslexic superpower? "Building things and fixing complicated things around the house." What is the thing about you that you wish everyone knew? "That I have dyslexia but I still have so much to offer the world.  TO DONATE BY CHECK Please make checks payable to 'New Profit Inc”  In memo line PLEASE mention 'NoticeAbility Inc' New Profit Inc Attn: P. Dao / NoticeAbility, 200 Clarendon Street, Floor 44 Boston, MA, 02116 NoticeAbility is a nonprofit organization that designs and delivers proprietary curricula to students with dyslexia. Grounded in social-emotional learning research, executive function methodology and project management techniques, NoticeAbility offers authentic inquiry experiences in vocational subjects that cater to the neurological strengths of the dyslexic mind: entrepreneurship, engineering, architecture and narrative storytelling (film, literature and stage). Your donation helps NoticeAbility create curriculum for and by dyslexics.