Empowering Students

NoticeAbility has created a new paradigm for educating middle school students with dyslexia. While remedial reading programs are essential to dyslexics’ early education, the traditional school curriculum does a profound disservice to millions of students by failing to mine the specific and powerful capabilities of the dyslexic mind.

NoticeAbility disrupts this narrative by introducing tailored enrichment curricula to students with dyslexia at the point (middle school) where the students have achieved a level of reading proficiency, but their negative self-image has not yet solidified. Once students come to recognize their strengths, they are more inclined to embrace their educational experience and fulfill their personal and professional potential.


Teaching to Strengths

NoticeAbility’s enrichment curricula introduces students to professions that highlight the neurological strengths of the dyslexic mind (entrepreneurship, engineering, architecture, and art). Delivered through blended instruction (e-learning and classroom activities), NoticeAbility’s courses enable students to access academic content through multiple modalities (video instruction, graphics, illustrated aids & audio presentations) while participating in project-based exercises that foster social-emotional learning (SEL) and executive functioning (EF) skills. 

Building SEL Competency

NoticeAbility’s focus on social-emotional learning (SEL) and executive functioning (EF) is grounded in research. Studies overwhelmingly support the case for helping students develop strong SEL and EF skills for positive educational and social outcomes including, but not limited to, a stronger sense of connection to school, improved classroom behavior, higher academic achievement, improved mental and physical health, and positive cognitive, social and psychological development.1-4

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Fostering Bonds

By providing educators and afterschool instructors insight into the strengths of dyslexia, NoticeAbility is shifting the traditional ‘one size fits all’ educational paradigm towards one that highlights the attributes of the individual, regardless of his or her learning differences. As facilitators lead their students through NoticeAbility’s project-based curricula, the dynamics of the classroom shift: camaraderie and authentic inquiry come to replace doubt and fear of failure.

"I am a dancer, I play hockey, and I am dyslexic. At school I feel like I have to work twice as hard as everyone else. Before I took the NoticeAbility class, I felt like people looked at me like I wasn’t as smart as them. When I came to the class, I felt like I could see things in a different way. Now when I am in my classroom, I use my other abilities to think and explain things in ways other people might not."
Josie, student
"Personally I saw how this program boosted my son’s confidence. He found his passion and with that came confidence and independence across settings, at home and at school."
Mary, mom
"The biggest benefit to the students was seeing an adult speak about his struggles in his school and his ability to overcome those challenges. The students were able to have Aha! moments."
Becki, tutor
"We wanted to give him the opportunity to get a sense of what he is good at, and he was thrilled!"
Melissa, mom
"Having gone through her first NoticeAbility classes, our daughter is now wanting to write down her own ideas, and it’s nice to see her for the first time excited to write on her own."
Susan and Jeff, parents
"Before, I was kind of ashamed of my dyslexia when I shouldn’t really have been - I know a ton of famous people are dyslexic. And after the class I kind of found this confidence within me that I haven’t really found before. It was really enlightening and super fun to do. I wouldn’t have had the encouragement to get out of my comfort zone and do new things."
Ben, student
"I don’t remember the last time I saw my son flying this high. He has just been so pumped!"
Diane, mom
"NoticeAbility helped change my mindset during IEP meetings to remember to speak to my children’s strengths."
Mary, mom